Training Methods

C-Velo Performance Cycling Training Center uses power meters equipped on it’s indoor trainers to assess each clients individual performance capacities. From this information, power based training zones are established that reflect the different energy system demands imposed in cycling. From this information, each client will train at appropriate individual zones for the optimal durations to stimulate those energy systems to change. Done in a block training format, you can’t help but be fitter and faster on the bike to carry you through all disciplines of cycling races, (Cyclocross, Triathlon, Crits, Time Trials, Stage races), as well as group rides and weekend tours.

Trainer: (Wahoo Kickr)

At C-Velo we offer the most technologically advanced indoor trainer. We have recently installed the Wahoo Kickr as a means to allow our clients to train with greater specificity on their own bike. The Kickr is the smoothest trainer on the market with a wheel off design (no slippage, or burning up rear tires). Coupled with Performance Pro software, this is a powerful training combination providing exactly the kind of information utilized by top coaches.

c velo performance cycling portland sellwood

Software: Performance Pro & Zwift

Performance Pro is a training and performance analysis application capable of handling large group settings allowing riders to focus on their individual performance statistics.
c velo performance cycling portland sellwood


Zwift is a gaming platform that allows clients of C-Velo to train, race, and group ride on virtual courses that are both fictional (Watopia) and reality based (London, NY, Innsbruck), to bring interactive indoor cycling to a whole new level. This is a platform still at it’s infancy of possibilities, and if you have a Zwift account you can ride our program in this virtual world.