What should I bring with me to class?

For riding the Kickr trainer, you should bring your own road or cyclocross bike. It needs to have either a 10 or 11 speed cassette and the trainer is compatible with either Shimano or Campagnolo. You should contact C-Velo prior to your first class to provide answers to a questionnaire so that you can be set up on the trainer and in the software.  You may want to bring your favorite sports/replacement drink. Towels are provided. You should wear comfortable cycling clothing, with a cycling specific bicycle short to maximize comfort.

Do I have to go through the testing/orientation before I start taking classes?

Yes, it is strongly encouraged. Power based training intensities for the classes are assigned and based on a field test, and without this information, the training intensities would be more random and based on perceived exertion. Improvement in the program is also quantified with this field test. The Kickr trainer is a unique training tool that require a degree of orientation. We want clients to maximize their experience, so this orientation and testing will prepare you to jump right into the classes. If you have had a recent power test elsewhere, we can use those results to populate the software and get you training right away. Contact C-Velo to assess your specific situation.
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Do I have to commit to a 4 week or 8 week training block?

No. However, since this program is built on a model of progression, each workout builds on the previous. Maximum gains in fitness are achieved when the body is progressively overloaded in a systematic way. Random participation will produce random results. While our schedule provides you the flexibility to take classes as you want, it is optimal to try to commit to 2-3 training sessions per week on a consistent basis to maximize improvements. We recognize many are doing their own training and may just want an occasional interval session, so we have that flexibility, but the program is designed to be taken consistently. We always provide the ability for an interested client to come in and take a free class just to get a feel for the studio and classes, we just request coming 30 minutes prior for bike set up and brief orientation. If you plan to store your bike for the Kickr trainer at C-Velo, a seasonal or monthly commitment is required, and these programs will be available on a first come first serve basis due to limited storage availability.
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How do I know which classes to choose to schedule?

The C-Velo program is built on a seasonal 13 week block of training that is progressive. We generally try to build more base foundation training in the Fall, a gradual build through Winter, and more specialty based training in Spring. This cycle for these seasonal blocks are Fall (September-November), Winter (December – February, and Spring (March – May). Typically, these blocks will start at the beginning of a month. Each session has specific goals and an energy system emphasis and there are 2-3 workout sessions per week with multiple class times available to do each one. Generally Monday and Tuesday are the 1st workouts of the week, Wednesday and Thursday are the 2nd workouts, and Saturday is the 3rd workout of the week. We try to offer multiple times for a given session, so you have options and flexibility with the schedule.
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How do C-Velo’s Indoor Trainers/cycles and classes differ from traditional indoor spinning bikes/classes?

It is rare to find a structured power based program in a spinning class. Additionally, it is rare to find a spinning program that measures progress and provides the ability to track and analyze your workouts. At C-Velo, you have the ability to ride one of the most highly sophisticated and technologically advanced trainers available. These trainers provide the specificity of riding your own bike coupled with powerful analytical software to measure your progress.

The classes at C-Velo are organized in a structured progression designed to stress the primary energy systems to improve overall conditioning. Each individual’s conditioning is measured, so individual workout intensities are personalized even in a group class environment. The classes are not random, and there areno movements that wouldn’t be typically simulated with outdoor riding.

Instructors with standard spinning certifications would not be qualified to coach at C-Velo, and only after attending specific power based training workshops or certification through USA Cycling would an instructor be qualified to coach classes at C-Velo.
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Are Shower facilities available?

We do not have shower facilities, but a bathroom is available for changing clothes.

What other services are offered?

By training on your own bike on the Wahoo Kickr trainer, you will have information loaded into the studio’s new software program known as Performance Pro. This software provides all available metrics be displayed in real time in front of you as train on our big screens in the studio. Additionally, you will receive an email with the entire workout analysis downloaded and waiting for you when you get home for your own analysis or to send to your coach. You may also have your workout data imported directly to popular third party analysis programs such as Training Peaks and Strava.
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How long are the classes?

Most classes are from 50-90 minutes long with most averaging an hour. . It is recommended that you attend 2-3 sessions per week.
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