How to Get Started

C-Velo is a training center designed to support cycling training and conditioning in multiple ways. Clients utilize C-Velo for their primary training by attending several classes per week throughout the year, while others use it to supplement their current training programs. Whatever approach, consistency with your training will yield optimal results. To get the most of what C-Velo has to offer, we recommend you follow these steps:

  1. Contact us for an orientation/FTP testing appointment. If you’ve had a recent FTP test, contact us and provide the results of this test.

  2. Once registration and testing is complete start signing up for classes. Click here for current class schedule
  3. It is generally recommended to train at C-Velo 2-3 times per week, particularly for series programs. Any less will yield suboptimal results. Consult with one of the C-Velo coaches for further guidance