Class Descriptions

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Cycling Orientation/Testing

(offered by appointment. Contact

The approach and equipment used in the C-Velo cycling program are unique from most group indoor cycling programs. For clients new to training with power, an orientation will include education on training zones and training with power, setting up a client profile in the software, and performing a ramp test designed to estimate Functional Threshold Power. For experienced cyclists with knowledge of training with power an FTP ramp test will be conducted to assess current Threshold levels. Unless you’ve had a recent power test, it is recommended you contact us for an appointment to discuss your current needs.

Cyclocross Training

(2 class progressions per week)

The energy system focus of Cyclocross racing brings it’s own set of demands that require participants to create quick bursts of effort to handle on/off bike obstacles while maintaining a pace that is generally at or above functional threshold power for 40-75min. This 2x/wk class will emphasize progressive training specific to these energy demands while also incorporating off the bike intervals to meet the conditioning needs specific to the off bike efforts of this unique sport. Participants should bring cycling shoes appropriate for indoor training (no protruding cleats) or a cross training shoe for off bike activities.

Progressive Power

(3 sessions per wk)

A 13 week series designed to progressively enhance intensity, volume, and recovery sets to gradually overload the body to improve. High Intensity Interval Training is the focus of this series, to optimize the Threshold, VO2max, and anaerobic energy systems.
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