Personal Coaching

Do your goals require a bit more specifics and direction than what C-Velo already offers? Working with a personal endurance coach could be the next step to help you get what you want out of your training and achieve your fitness and racing goals.

DSC_1032-(ZF-10040-12237-1-001)Chris Bagg

Remember gym class, in high school? No, not the awful trauma of the showers and locker rooms, but maybe more what gym class should have been: a welcome respite from the mental rigors of school that got you moving and kept you healthy at the same time. Believe it or not, your gym teachers wanted you to become healthy, happy adults, and their way of contributing to that result was to make sure you developed athletically.

Chris Bagg Coaching Group strives to do the same for you, today. I describe myself as “A Phys Ed Teacher for Adults,” and I think that description is pretty spot on. I want you to achieve your athletic goals, but I want you to have fun along your way to sporting success and improved health.

What we do is simple: every athlete is treated differently, depending on his or her goals, talents, and limiters. By paying attention to these individual particulars, we achieve success across the spectrum of all our athletes, and CBCG boasts a spectrum of athletes, from beginners to professional triathletes.


The one-to-one program is my ONLY level of coaching, and the athlete gets what I get from my coach (that seems fair, right?): phone contact once a week, unlimited email contact, a constantly evolving training plan that changes due to the immediate needs of the athlete, nutritional counseling, mental skills work, race schedule advice…pretty much any and everything. I limit my client load at this level to fifteen athletes to keep the quality of their services extremely high.